The first time I heard your name, I knew this would be your name.

I’ve been dreaming about you for years, knowing your name would come to me just like everything that’s sacred comes to me.

The wind finds ways to spell it out for us one way or another.


It was a late afternoon walking around the Las Vegas Strip. I was looking at jewelry in this beautiful Hawaiian booth and this rose gold leaf stood out. It had a purple turquoise leaf embedded into the rose gold. I asked the lady what’s the story behind this leaf. And she called it Maile Lei.

She began to share how the royal family of Hawaii would wear this leaf that was so rare and unique. With a fragrance that would totally hypnotize you.

She said Maile means Love, Honor and Respect, which is why the royal family would wear it on special occasions. By the time she finished she knew something had happened. I told her, “do you know how many times I’ve repeated those same exact word?”

“Which words? she asked.

Love, Honor, and Respect.

Those were the 3 words I yearned for the most in a relationship to grow old with. I wanted to love someone every day from those three lens, filtering my every thought, word, and action. I knew it wouldn’t be easy though, for I had a lot of maturing to do.

So there’s the true tale behind your name. I simply added the ‘h’ so my Spanish people would pronounce it right. 😉

Love you baby girl… so excited to start this journey with you.


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