This blog is personal. But you’re all invited.

These posts are love notes to my future daughter.  Lessons of growth and devotion. Memories I look forward to sharing.

The journey of a woman in her 30’s who patiently awaits for her star seed. But looks forward to this gap of where I am and where she is as a beautiful space of inspiration for much preparation.

The becoming of a woman who dreams BIG, TOO BIG, who loves hard, who seeks to leave a legacy she may never see. And yet with every breath she takes she sees the vision her third eye keeps illuminating.

Passionate and bold. A giver of gold. Every heart is her temple. Obsessed about the human potential, she’s in the business of awakening herself through all her creations.

Knowing she’ll leave hearts on fire, game changers and truth seekers trailblazing their journey of self realization. She smiles because deep inside she knows all journeys lead us back Home.

A Revolution Maker on a mission that keeps her up at night, burning the midnight oil, determined to create a new world of possibilities.

Every step worth it. Because it brings me closer. Leaving a better world for you to take over baby girl. Thanks for reading.

Infinite Love… xo


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