The Rose that stood

The rose that stood the test of time. She knew all along. It would come down to this. A choice. She would have to make a choice. How bad does she want to have it all. A serial entrepreneur with a freedom obsession. A fun loving mother and beautiful wife. 8 figures.. easy and steady. […]

Seem so far, yet so close

I don’t know when I will finally meet you and hold you. I day dream about you without even physically trying. I just know in divine timing. I just sit in wonder. What will you be like? Will you be funny? Will you be sensitive? Will you be curious and full of wonder? That’s most […]

Love Notes

This blog is personal. But you’re all invited. These posts are love notes to my future daughter. ┬áLessons of growth and devotion. Memories I look forward to sharing. The journey of a woman in her 30’s who patiently awaits for her star seed. But looks forward to this gap of where I am and where […]

Welcome Maileh!

The first time I heard your name, I knew this would be your name. I’ve been dreaming about you for years, knowing your name would come to me just like everything that’s sacred comes to me. The wind finds ways to spell it out for us one way or another.   It was a late […]